We also have a top notch furniture cleaning tool with drying times usually under an hour. It is safe to use on several fabrics, making the process very marketable. If you need to freshen up or bring your furniture back to life, see if we can help!

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We use a tile cleaning tool that utilizes new technology; it surpasses all others. The tool has a dome cover with two spinning jets, 900 psi, blasting out tile crevasses and grout lines.  A vacuum hose discards the dirty water and steam to the 120 gallon tank inside the D&D Cleaning van. 

Services List

  • Carpet Cleaning
  • Tile Cleaning
  • Furniture Cleaning
  • Deck Pressure Washing
  • Siding Pressure Washing
  • Carpet Stretching

we go the Extra Mile!

Carpet, Furniture and Tile,


We follow the practice that all carpet manufacturing companies recommend. We offer a pretreatment, which is followed by a heat rinse of 230° steam technology. This cleans the carpet fibers from the inside out through an extraction process.

Dirty Furniture, Carpet, Tile, Grout, or Rugs? We can clean it.